Making a house is creating. I make houses like others write poetry, make music, or paint. A house is more of a likeness than a portrait. 
- Madeleine Castaing

Night Palm is a full-service, high-end interior design studio based in Los Angeles. Founded by interior designer and principle Tiffany Howell, we provide interior design services and consultation for both residential and commercial spaces from start to finish including consulting with architects and builders as well as providing a custom approach to finishes and decor for living rooms, kitchens, bathrooms, bedrooms and offices.

With a unique eye for rich colors and textures, Tiffany is known for crafting moody and romantic interiors mixed with a bit of rock and roll. Her successful background in the fashion, film and music industries, lets her draw inspiration from a myriad of creative sources beyond the design and architectural world in order to create design narratives for her artist and celebrity clients that are as unexpected as they are beautiful and soulful.

Because Howell believes it is important to evoke a strong emotional response, she works closely with her clients from start to finish to understand the elements that deeply resonate with them—from art to food, to architecture or fashion. Mood boarding throughout the course of the project helps the process become an ongoing discovery shaping and elevating her final designs. 

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