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Tiffany Howell head designer and owner of Night Palm

Tiffany Howell, founder and creative force of LA's acclaimed interior design studio, Night Palm, is an American designer known for creating lush, moody interiors seamlessly blending elements of fashion, music, and visual storytelling. Specializing in high-end residential, commercial, and retail environments, Tiffany founded Night Palm in 2016 after a successful career as a director, stylist, production designer, and head of the legendary Herb Ritts' music video agency. Her designs often showcase a mix of vintage European furniture and lighting, incorporating both iconic and obscure pieces. These spaces evoke emotions, transporting individuals to different times and blending nostalgia with modernity. Tiffany Howell is a true testament to artistic depth and continues to leave an indelible mark on the world of interior design. This year's Elle Decor's A-List designer, Tiffany's most recent project, is the West Hollywood branch of the famed Parisian restaurant Caviar Kaspia.

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