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Night Palm Brazilian Treehouse Dressing Room

We named this project the Brazilian Treehouse as we wanted it to visually feel like a sexy Stan Getz song. There was a certain romance to this project with our use of organic materials, lush colors and mood tones. 


We began with a soundtrack heavy on Sade, John Coltrane, Solange, Phyllis Hyman, Prince, and Anita Baker. This was followed by a study of our client's favorite scents, places to travel, and other design preferences like her love of ’70s Italian and French interiors, accented by a little bit of “funk and grit.”

Night Palm LA Sanctuary Dining Room

I wanted the home to feel like an Italian Villa from
the 70's. Silvery blue lime-wash, frescos peeling off the ceilings, camel velvets, worn leather, Italian stone and raw brass. For the primary bath I plastered everything in a nude/rose including the floors so it looked like soft suede throughout and for the ceiling we used the most amazing cloud wallpaper to mimic something hand painted.


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