Inspired by the bohemian musicians and artists living in the LA canyons in the 70’s, the color pallet was drawn from the lush canyon sunsets. We created a place where the owners could relax from their hectic schedules, play music and entertain. 

Night Palm Beachwood Canyon Residence

A mix of European 70's vintage and California lushness, our goal was to create a vibe that reflects our client's fun personality. Everything was made to have an indoor/outdoor feel by using rattan, indoor greens, rich textures and a playful color pallet.

A modern seaside retreat where the lines between indoor and outdoor fall away through a blend of organic textures, soft color palettes, warm furnishings and one-of-a-kind vintage treasures. A place for retreat, inspiration and entertaining with a lush exterior that draws inspiration from the organic way Mexico City brings together its native environment and architecture.

Beach House