Interior stylist Tiffany Howell draws her inspiration from music, art and poetry. She uses them as building blocks to tell stories through the spaces - both commercial and residential -  she designs for her clients.
Her signature style is romantic and moody. She has a unique eye for rich colors and textures. In all of her design work, she strives to convey specific feelings and trigger certain emotional responses in the people who visit or inhabit the spaces she creates. She believes design is more than just aesthetic and needs to be infused with soulfulness.
“When I’m styling or designing something, I always like to think of it first as a song. Music helps me imagine the overall mood as well as the pieces and elements needed to bring it to life.” says Howell.
Howell worked as an Executive Producer and Creative Director for fashion photographer Herb Ritt’s music video division. There, she produced influential videos for the likes of Justin Timberlake, Britney Spears and Trent Reznor.
She then went on to form a creative think tank focusing on interiors, fashion styling, directing and commercial production. Within 6 months her company was directing multiple music videos while producing commercial spots for Target and designing several residential projects.
In 2017, Tiffany opened Night Palm, an interiors and art gallery located in the LA neighborhood of Silver Lake. The goal was to make Night Palm a platform to showcase her design style and an event space to support artists and designers she loved.
“My passions are design, music and art. I wanted to design a space that brought all of it together, without feeling like a store. I wanted it to be more of a gathering place where you could get inspired and hopefully meet others interested in the same things.”
Night Palm now produces a range of bespoke products in collaboration with artists and designers such as a fragrance (“Coco Musk”), skateboards, textiles and wallpaper.
Most recently, Tiffany has completed projects for several well-known artists and musicians and continues to build out her commercial portfolio.